Just a little clarification.

My last post was really more geared to television than video games. I do believe that video games played for hours a day, several days a week is not good regardless of the game. Even non violent games in excess are too much. Hopefully children know the difference between reality and fantasy enough to not get sucked in. If kids do not realize the difference, their problems go beyond an issue with video games. Over indulgence is never good here..

Television on the other hand is showing humans. Real people being beaten, tortured and mutilated for the world to see. We make murderers and abusers  technically stars in there own minds. We give them the fame and popularity they seek. We write books about them..  The news media thinks nothing of showing beheadings, war footage and the aftermath of natural disasters. The importance of knowing these things are going on is undeniable but showing the graphic video and photos should not be part of that. Sadly this started with video back during the Vietnam war. At least then we were for the most part still shocked by what we saw. Now the entertainment industry has to continually “up the anti” so to speak.

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