I read the news today oh boy!

I read an article today about how all the negativity we see on the news and social media is affecting the mental state of many people in our society. I have always been a firm believer in “trash in, trash out”. We have become so desensitized to the horror that is flashed before our eyes daily. Horror movies get more and more graphic, video games more violent and the news media show footage that is beyond horrific. It is impossible not to feel negative when these things are all around us everyday. People will argue that these thing do not have an affect people. I have a good example…
When Wolfgang was little and in the hospital, there was not much for him to do. One of the nurses brought a gaming console in for him to play. He was maybe 3 years old at the time. He would play for 30 minutes or so and they would have to come in because his heart rate was going up to fast. He wasn’t playing violent games, Luigis’s Mansion was what he played most, but it made us realize how the games can really effect you. If they could have this effect on your heart and blood pressure in 30 minutes, imagine daily assault of the garbage on your mind.
There was a time when television programming was geared toward families. Games were played around the kitchen table. Shows were about families, the struggles, the joys and happiness of being in a family. Maybe some were unrealistic but they gave us something to model ourselves after. Treating each other with love and respect, going to bat for one another no matter what. Family was what held this country together. We didn’t have to lock our doors. Neighbors sat outside, grilled together and helped keep an eye on each other. When did this all change?
More importantly, can we change it back?

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  1. No we will most likely never be there again. But let me tell you my great grandson lives with me. He is NOT allowed to play or watch someone play those games and tv time is limited. And he is only one yet I had to stop my granddaughter from showing him those things because she didn’t understand why I am doing that to him. I am sorry those thing have been the second worst thing that has happened to kids most of who are grown. And a lot of them are running away to join ISIS or killing their selves. (sorry) I am sorry but I have grandkids who don’t know what it is to NOT sit in front of TV or a game and they have children. Their kids are raising their selves. Sorry Milan this is a bad subject with me. I hope a lot of people see your writings and do something now. We have families at our church that has thrown their games out seeing what its doing to their kids. Thank you.

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