God, I miss my boy…

We went to the park today. Didn’t stay long,  just long enough to realize it will never be the same without Artie. I love our Amtgard family but it’s just not the same.  Watching the  kids on skateboards today made me think about how Arthur was into everything. There was nothing he would not try.
As hard as I am trying to keep it together, there are so many reminders that our lives will never be the same. I am still a mom and wife that needs to be strong. But God help me I am still dying inside.. I still get angry when I see families together. I still want to scream when I pull in the driveway without him. I want my son and our lives back the way they were! By no means were we a perfect family, but together we were whole. We are not anymore, no matter how hard I try..

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