Miss Izabella

I love this dog. She is so in touch with my feelings. When ever I am feeling heavy she comes and sits with me, puts her head in my lap or just nudges me. I know she understands and feels this loss as greatly as I do.
Last night, for the first time that I can remember since Artie left, I woke up from a dream crying. I must have been crying in my sleep because when I opened my eyes, Izzy had her nose on the bed trying to comfort me. It was extremely sweet. She and I cried together for some time before getting out of bed..


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  1. And to think someone just tossed her out like a piece of trash. Little did they know how very important she would become to a young boy that would love her dearly as she would love him. I feel sure she gave Arthur much comfort. She now gives comfort to his Mother when she is feeling the loss of her son. Oh! yes Izzy knows, because they share a common loss, she to grives.

    It was meant for you to stop and pick her up Lann.

    Love You


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