I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on tv..

The mind is a crazy thing!! For several days now I have slept very well, been extremely productive and dare I say it… In a good mood.. πŸ˜‹ But…. My damn body hurts everywhere. Not like I’m getting sick hurt, but like I’ve been working out hurt. Trust me, this is not the case! It is like the pain and hurt in my heart was keeping my brain from focusing on ANYTHING! The pain has been shifted to a physical pain instead of an emotionally debilitating pain. Now I am no doctor, or scientist but this makes sense to me. I needed to get it together and my brain and my body have adjusted to help me do so. Gives me an excuse to take a long hot bubble bath after a long day..πŸ›€The pain is still here, my body aches remind me of this. But my heart has stopped screaming, and hopefully I can eventually focus all of the pain into other things.

Thank you all for the loving comments and well wishes. Arthur was such an loving, sharing human and he is most likely very proud that his story is bringing so many people together..

Give someone a hug, share a smile and live in gratitude!! πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š

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  1. Rest and take good care of yourself, body and soul. Give yourself LICENSE to lay in bed all day if that will feel good to you. Read a great book if you can concentrate, watch Food Network..lol….whatever can relax you mind while your body can recover. There is a lot of flu going around, too….sometimes it starts for me as body aches. Nice hot tea, and a cozy robe…..xo

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