Life’s little lessons.

I have slept better the last few nights than I have in months. Not just the normal fall into the bed from exhaustion sleep, but actual restful sleep. This has been much needed to help me get things back in order around here. Okay, to help start getting things in order. I have been trying to take one room at a time. Things go pretty well for a little while, then I will run across something that triggers a memory or that belonged to Artie.
I have had joy looking through his things. Sometimes I get pains of guilt when certain memories come to my mind. I found some of his old playing cards. He used them to do magic tricks, ALL the time. I remember one time in particular me asking him to just put hem away for a while, I would watch him do tricks later. It breaks my heart when I realize I don’t think he ever tried showing me another trick. I don’t even remember what I was doing but, whatever it was I am ashamed that it made him feel less important at that moment. We unconsciously push children aside at times, make what is so important to them seem trivial. I guess what I am trying to get across is that those little moments that they want to tell you one more story, show you one more picture, or just ride to the store with you when you want a few moments alone, these could be the last time these little thing happen. They will grow up hopefully and move on with their own lives. Be careful not to waste the moments that you have them close.

My love today: My French press coffee maker.. 😛 I love this thing so much. If you have never used one, go get one and try it, you will have a hard time drinking coffee any other way..

Have a happy day….

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