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I had my first session with a Channeling Medium tonight. It was very special. The questions that have been weighing heavy on my mind were all answered. If you aren’t familiar with channeling, it is when a spirit communicates with you through a medium. You can talk with your loved one directly, if they choose to show up.
The first and most important question I asked Arthur was why he left. What drove him to this decision. He said that when the bullying issue came about, he just could not get beyond it. He just did not understand why it happened and why the out come was so severe. On top of that was the fact that many other young people were sharing problems with him and he felt he could not help them. He said it was as if he were absorbing their pain. He felt overwhelmed. He did not think he had any other way out. His only regret at this point is the pain he has caused us.
He says he has been here with us and left signs that he is here. We have missed a lot of them. He specifically spoke of a few things I could definitely verify. Some personal messages for family were given as well.
He stays around home as much as possible. He said he does miss things here. Family dinners, his dog, swimming in our pool and his siblings. He also specifically spoke about the park. He so loved that park. I asked him where he likes to be most and he said outside where we spent most of our time. I am assuming he means our garden.
Many may think this is all in my head, maybe it is… I know I have heard my boys voice and I am certain I felt the ever so slight brush of a kiss across my cheek. And now I have answers to the questions that I was losing sleep over. Now I can focus on the foundation, of which he said he was happy about, and hopefully have more contact with him as time goes on.

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  1. I know how you have searched for the answers you needed to help you understand better why this happened. So many things have to have gone through your mind and probably still will. However now you have answers to some of these questions. Most importantly they came from Arthur.

    Without sounding rude, It really doesn’t matter what other people think, what matters is you got answers you needed to help give you some peace,

    Blessing Always

    Love You

  2. I am so happy for you. I have also been to Psychic-Mediums, three experiences so far and each validated the other…(without saying so, only I knew this) Sam came through to me, I know it was him, he spoke in his “Voice” with the way the messages were conveyed and mannerisms. He is ok, he repeatedly told me he is ok. He did not suffer. He was greeted by his Grandfather and Great Grandfather in Spirt. Just knowing he was not alone and had someone to “Show him around” was a huge relief! I believe it is the most powerful moment to receive these messages. It is a comfort. Someone asked me “Do you feel better, now, after the reading?” My answer would be “NO, not BETTER, again, Sam is still dead…but it is a COMFORT to know they are not really GONE, their Spirit remains and we will see them again, we will all be together with our loved ones again. That is a huge comfort. I hope you hold that warm feeling of goodness close to your heart and watch for Artie’s signs. Sam communicates a LOT through electrical things, anything electrical, animals, I can often smell his cologne. The more you notice the signs, the more you notice the signs. xoxo

    1. You are so right! The more I pay attention to the signs, the more I get. It is a great comfort. I get in the car sometimes and I smell vanilla lattes,or I also smell Artie’s body spray early in the mornings when I first go into the kitchen. I believe I have heard his voice a few times now. It truly is an amazing thing. I actually have something to look forward to each day. : ) I am glad Sam is visiting you as well. I know the peace it brings!!

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