If only..

When I think about the whys, the ifs and maybe about our situation I always come back to one thing. If only Artie had told his dad or I he was hurting. We could have done something. At least we would have been given the chance to help him. Please share my blog, share the Facebook page. Talk to your kids, get in their business. Make them mad if you have to to know what’s in their heads. And then love them no matter what..

I woke up to this message from from a young man this morning..

Im sorry for your loss 😦  thank you for putting up this page… you just saved my life… just in seeing this page it reminded me that i do have a family… and theres people that need me here… even if i dont see it sometimes.. (i just wanted to say thank and im so so sorry if these comes.off mean or arrogant in any way shape or form that is definitely not my intent. You wanted your word amd message to get to the younger people.. well.mission accomplished im just sorry at it was under these circumstances…)

Missing that smile.

Yesterday I found myself really missing Arthur. I mean, I miss him everyday, some just more than others. Crap didn’t go quite like we planned and we could have used his smarts and his muscle.. I think it’s easier sometimes when the weather is crappy. When it is gorgeous out I always think about what we would be doing if he were here. Especially on Sundays! Oh and that smile! When I would have bad days or frustration over something, his smile always made me feel better. It was truly like sunshine after a rainy day. What I would not give to see that smile again! I love you Artie.


This is the why!

I cannot tell you how much this young girls message means to me. It made me cry this morning. Not tears of sadness but tears of hope. Hope that kids are being comforted knowing they are not alone in their struggles. My heart is beaming with pride that Arthur is still, as always helping someone in need. This is what this blog is all about.

Jan 24th, 8:12pm
Hi, I just found your page and blog, and I just wanted to say thank you. I am a teen not much older than Arthur was when he passed. I struggle with mental illness and bullying, and I have tried to hurt myself to end the pain. When I read your blog I just got this new hope, which I don’t have much of anymore. It made me realize how important it is to think about how much the people who love me would hurt. Just thank you. I don’t know if you will read this, but I decided it was worth a shot. Thank you for sharing your son’s story. Just remember every day that you do, you might be saving another life. Thank you.

And a great day was had by all…

Today was awesome! The Color Run was super cool. (remind me I said this tomorrow when I can’t move) : ) The skies were blue and the air was COLD!
Arthur would have loved it today. His Aunt Sherry and I thought of him while we were walking the second half. So many things we miss about that kiddo!
If Artie were here today he would have been at Relic Quest with his Sword brothers and sisters and his best friend Bailey. I have no doubt he was there in spirit with them. Arthur loved all of the people in his life with his whole heart. I know today he would be proud of his Aunt Sherry, myself and Bailey!!



Bailey at Relic Quest


Runners, take your mark!

Going to do my first Color Run today. Arthur was going to help me get ready for a Gritty Godess run last October. He left before we could start. I am not really ready for this thing physically. Its a good thing it is more of a walk than a run. So today I will hopefully feel him by my side. I feel his presence more and more as time goes on. It has only been four months and some days it feels like a year already. Keeping myself busy helps the time go by. We got to spend time with friends we don’t as often as we would like yesterday. It was nice and relaxing. The blog is the best thing I could have done. Even if no one ever reads it again I will continue writing. I am amazed every day though at how many people follow and support it. I would like to come up with a way us can all meet up. A cruise maybe? Or a trip to a beach. The Ocean is very healing. Arthur loved the beach. I swear that boy was part fish. Took to water instantly when he was a baby.
I will post pictures of the run later this evening. Wish me luck and everyone have a wonderful day..


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