Smiles, butterflies and broken pipes….

Yesterday was a lovely day. Started out with a wonderful young mans message, and continued with the best weather we have had for some time. There was lots of activity in the yard today. Butterflies, squirrels, birds and bees.. Very peaceful. Got some yard work done, after I broke a water line and had to fix it.. Good thing I have watched Kurt and Artie do this many times. It’s funny. I feel guilty sometimes when something needs to be done I always think ” I wish Arthur was here”. It’s like I only miss him for what he did around here. But then I realize it’s that I miss the calm he brought to any bad situations that came up. He was the one that would fix not only what was broken but my spirit as well. I have come to understand that his most important purpose here was to bring joy to me when things were bad. All the time we worried about Wolfgang and thought we would lose him, Artie was always there to make us laugh and that smile made us know everything would always be okay. And for that I will be eternally grateful. Even now, he is making us and others smile and feel there is hope. Oh and in case your interested, still no leak.. ☺️ Who knew?


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