If only..

When I think about the whys, the ifs and maybe about our situation I always come back to one thing. If only Artie had told his dad or I he was hurting. We could have done something. At least we would have been given the chance to help him. Please share my blog, share the Facebook page. Talk to your kids, get in their business. Make them mad if you have to to know what’s in their heads. And then love them no matter what..

I woke up to this message from from a young man this morning..

Im sorry for your loss 🙁  thank you for putting up this page… you just saved my life… just in seeing this page it reminded me that i do have a family… and theres people that need me here… even if i dont see it sometimes.. (i just wanted to say thank and im so so sorry if these comes.off mean or arrogant in any way shape or form that is definitely not my intent. You wanted your word amd message to get to the younger people.. well.mission accomplished im just sorry at it was under these circumstances…)

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    1. This is all Arthur! He is my strength as much now as when he was here. He would want thsee young people to know there is a reason to fight for life, there is someone that will hurt when you are gone and suffer from the pain of losing you.

  1. What a Blessing from Arthur to his Mother.

    Not only to the parents, but also sibling and friends. As adults if we hear a comment go to that young person and ask if you can help.

    The impact of your blog is such a great thing. Just a few kind words, of encouragement and hope. Letting these young people know they are needed here, and loved.

    Lann you have already accomplished what you so badly wanted to do, and Arthur has been with you every step of the way.. I know there are many more that will reach out to you The young lady on the 24th and the young man this morning are proof they are listening. I would like to say thank you to both of them, their reply will help you to reach others I am sure.

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