Four months in…

Four months ago I can honestly say my life was perfect! Our kids were healthy, our marriage strong, my husbands job was going well and Wolfgang’s health was great! We had the future by the horns so to speak.
But it was not to last.
Since then things are different but good. My marriage is stronger than ever, hubby’s job is slowing down a little and Wolfgang is still healthy. I am grateful for these things. But, we don’t laugh as much, there is not music playing in the house as often, and the weather has been crappy for months. We try and go about the days as we always have. School work , chores, shopping and keeping the house straight. I try to smile most days. It is actually physically painful to do so sometimes. I believe I am doing pretty well considering. I can get through a whole day without crying hard. Tears still fall everyday but not the break down fall apart kind. I talk to Artie a lot, and that helps me. Speaking about what happened to us and hopefully giving other families hope in the healing process helps me more than I can say. People always say that they don’t know how I do it, how I survive this. Honestly I don’t either. Kurt and the kids, my parents and my friends give me strength. Of course, being the mom of a Warrior, strength is expected… 😉 Arthur was a great role model for how to live life. I want to always honor him by living my life to the fullest, helping others and leaving a mark when I am gone. He left big boots to fill!


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  1. You do a great job helping others with healing through your Blog. Some people have no one to talk to about their grief and pain, you give them a place to voice their feelings.

    You honor Arthur everyday that you post this Blog.

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