A mothers love

I stopped and spoke with a neighbor of ours that lost her daughter five years ago. Sitting with her was so comforting. It is very hard to express the feelings we have as moms when we lose a child. You do feel like you will lose your mind at times. Having another mom that gets it to talk to is the greatest therapy. When I was listening to her talk about her daughter, the thing that touched me the most was how her eyes lit up when she spoke of her. Suddenly it occurred to me where we get our strength. It comes from our children! The love we feel for them the moment they are put in our arms the first time is always with us. Before we had our children we had strength in us and the ability to survive, every human has the survival gene. But once you become a mom there is a shift in your being. Your life becomes second to your children. Our happiness is found in their little, dirty sometimes snotty faces. So when we lose them, and really believe we will die from the pain, the inner Goddess in us, the mother in us, reminds us of the moments of total unconditional love we feel for that child that has gone on to spirit and we survive. We are always connected to them even when they leave their physical bodies. They are in a wonderful place and they are so happy. They stay with us in spirit until the time comes for us to go to them and share in the light they now walk in.

Find some PEACE today my friends. Talk to those who have gone to spirit. They do hear you, and will be right there with you.


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  1. I strive to not take things for granted. Every drawing, the excitement on their face, the dirt under their nails, each boo-boo… everything! These days fly by!!!

    PS. I’m so glad that you have another mother to confide in.
    That’s a blessing. =)

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