So far so good.

The New Year has been pretty good so far. Haha! All 7 days of it! I am sleeping which is something I was totally not doing before. Funny though, I thought sleep deprivation was the reason I have no energy or motivation. My average straight sleep has been about 7 hours and I am still struggling to get my self moving. My house really needs a good cleaning out! I need fairies or elves or something to come point me in the right direction! What is driving me crazy is that I have the want to do it. I get up, get dressed and it always ends up with me walking in circles. I really get frustrated with myself because I think I should be further along in this healing process, the I remember it has not even been 4 months since Artie left. I would tell other moms there is no time frame for healing, take as much time as you need and screw everything else. Now I just need to convince myself to just let it happen in its own time.

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  1. You need to take this time to do what you feel. You have enough people around you, that love you, to help you do that. There is no equation to how you are supposed to feel and how long. If anyone thinks there is, they are wrong. We all just ask that you remain healthy. You are beyond strong. You have shown us all what it is to put on a brave face. Arthur would be proud of you for it. He has the best Mom in the World!

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