First day of the rest of my life..

I feel a little refreshed this morning. Maybe it is the New Year, maybe it was the vacation, or just having two weeks with family I am not sure. All I know is I feel an intense need for decluttering and organizing my life. If the weather was better and my yard wasn’t under water, I would be working in the garden. I picked up a few treasures and can’t wait to get out there. So many things have been rolling around in my head this morning. Arthur is fine, I miss him still terribly and I am sure my healing is far from complete but, I have to get it together and now is as good a time as any. I will continue to look for signs that he is with me. As always , I will talk to him when I feel the need and get comfort in knowing he hears me. But… I will move forward now. Not forget, and I am know there will still be rough times but, Wolfgang, Kurt and I need to continue life. We will do so always honoring Arthur. Everyday I will help someone, I will put out positive vibes and receive healing and positive energy back.
If you are reading this and have lost a child, please feel free to comment, or email me..
The more moms we talk to that understand what we are facing the stronger we will be. Peace and love is what I hope for you all..

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