Do you have New Year resolutions this year? Do you make them every year? How successful are you at keeping them. I have never been one to make them really. Maybe when I was younger, and I am sure if I did, I never kept them. This year since my life is completely not what is was this time last year I think I am going to set myself a few.

(1) I will spend more time appreciating the people in my life. My family is the greatest and in our loss I think we realize how important it is to spend time together no matter how spread out we get.
(2) I will try my best to help someone less fortunate everyday. Arthur was all heart and did his best to help those he cared for and people he did not know. I think this is a good way to honor him.
(3) And last I will create a more peaceful, spiritual self. Inside and out. I am not big on the religion thing but I do believe in a Spirit beyond ourselves and would like to learn how to tune into that more.

I could list many things that I would like to do more this year but then I would lose you to boredom. šŸ˜Š lets just say I want to be more productive in all aspects of my life. When Arthur left I thought I could never survive the pain. Surviving it is the easy part. Learning to live without him is something else completely. Making sure he looks on us and has pride for how we do cope and what we do with what we have learned is important to me.

I have been seeing stories and hearing about so many young people that are taking their lives for whatever reason and in breaks my heart. I am sad beyond words for the loss of these young souls. They could have gone on to make amazing changes in our world. And my heart bleeds for the families of these kids. Especially the moms. I know the agony and the road that lies ahead for them. I wish I could hold them and cry along with them.

Maybe if we keep talking about it, keep telling kids there are other choices, keep telling EVERYONE that bullying can indeed kill, sexual preference and lifestyle choices should not define who we are. Our hearts, our minds and the way we treat each other are what is important in the end.

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  1. I have never given much thought to New Year’s resolutions, but as I read your post it makes me think.

    (1) I will be more grateful for what I have and not what I don’t have.

    (2) I will take time everyday to stop all things and give thanks for my Children, Grandchildren, and Great- Grandchildren. And thank their Parents for these beautiful gifts.

    (3) I will take more time and sit with my Husband and tell him how much I love and appreciate him.

    (4) I will give thanks to our Beautiful Daughter and our Son-In-Law how they make sure we have what we need and most of all for their their Love. Your Love means more to us than we can ever put into words.

    Thank you Lann for remembering all the others that are hurting, as you know what they are feeling. I wish you could hold and hug them also, what a beautiful thought.

    You are a lot farther along on your creating a more peaceful , spiritual self then you realize, just
    Remember the kind, loving and caring person you are.

    Be safe

    Know we love you all.


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