Day two 😀

I officially love this place! Antique places are everywhere! We are thinking about coming back this summer.. A lot of things are closed for the winter. I have never seen so many Putt Putt golf courses and go cart tracks in one place! Our Arthur is always in our thoughts but I must say I have had a wonderful couple of days. I am sure he is watching and smiling right along with us.. Actually probably laughing his ass off at times.. I have slipped several times on the ice this trip. And the places he could be skating are to many to count! 😃 The pirate references have been many for those of you keeping up with the signs.








Feeling like a tourist


We made it to Branson in one piece! The drive was awesome. Lots of mountains to climb in a not so powerful RV! It was interesting to say the least.




The RV park we are staying at is called “Shenanigans”. When Arthur first left, I referred to his suicide as “Arthur’s Shenanigans” so it seemed fitting to stay here. It is quite beautiful here and the couple that owns the place are great!

Being with the kids has made this Holiday season bearable. It is still difficult to go about daily life without missing Artie. While we were out and about I could not help but think how much he would love being here. He would love being with the kids. Seeing all of the families together always makes me think about the part of us that is missing. We heard one of Artie’s songs while we were in a dress shop today. It came on shortly after we walked in. “Somewhere over the rainbow” Not the original one. It was the version we played at his service. I felt as though he was with us in that moment. It made me smile..

We saw some pretty awesome things today…..

King Kong

2014/12/img_0815.jpg <
A Plane Crash

We even saw Optimus Prime


And we are off!

Well, we made it through yesterday! I cried under the stars by the lake last night. It was a beautiful clear night.  Missing Arthur so much it is incredibly painful. Sometimes it still is just not real. But, life does go on. I am amazed with everyday I survive this. People go on about their lives. They wake their children for school, go to work and about their routines. My wish for everyone this upcoming year is that you cherish every minute Not just each day but every moment. Tell the people you love how much they mean to you.. Don’t hold on to petty things that cloud the good moments. 





Merry Christmas

I wondered how I was going to do this morning. My heart is truly in pieces. Kurt and I cried trying to get ready for this day. Christmas has always been a huge deal for us. Not the giving and receiving, just the family time. This year we not only are all spread out but are truly missing our boy. His absence is so powerful. Arthur’s smile was always a bright star in our lives. Being with out it will forever change the holidays.
We are still having fun watching Wolfgang and the grandkids open their gifts. We will be loading up and heading out in the morning for the road trip in the morning. So looking forward to creating these memories with everyone. Hope you all have a wonderful day and are spending time with those you love..


Christmas Eve

We are here in Kansas with our daughter and her family.. The Traveling Skateboard page will not be where I post from now on. I can’t get pictures to post there so there is no point. So, when we get on the road to Branson I will post the Traveling Skateboard pictures here.

The drive up from Texas was pretty easy. Weather has been good and spending the time with Kurt and Wolfgang is priceless. I miss Arthur. Trying to keep myself from falling apart is a constant struggle. Not that I am not thrilled to be here, I am. It’s just I guess I thought once we got away from home the continuous reminders would not be as prominent. They are still everywhere. I see places along the way I know Artie would loved to have skated. Classic cars on the highway, the sun on the horizon, even just the freshness of the air. Saw a pirate ship in a kids play area. He would have gotten a kick out of that. I remember almost every road trip we have ever made. Especially the last one. It was he and I driving from Kansas to Oklahoma. Then we flew home to Houston. Those short periods of time are the ones I cherish most. We talked about him getting his car redone, what he wanted to do as he got older and the kind of life he wanted to have.
It was in May before things really went wrong for him.
I know he is watching and will be here with us this Holiday season.
When we get on the road to Branson I will start posting pictures.. Hug your loved ones. Live in your gratitude and cherish every moment.






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