One tired Mama

These kiddos have sufficiently worn me out. I do believe everyone has had a wonderful time though. Tomorrow we go to a New Year’s Eve variety show, then we will drive back to Kansas and on to Texas. I miss my dogs. Hoping they don’t think we have abandoned them. Miss Pearl is not away from me often and Izzy has had a tough time dealing with Arthur leaving. Animals mourn just like we do.
One more day left left in this year. I can’t say that I am sorry to see a new year although I really don’t see myself feeling to much better about my boy not being here. The changes will come, can’t change that. But the fact remains that I will still be without a part of myself. No matter how much I feel his presence around me I will miss my New Year hug. Arthur gave the best, most honest hugs.
Here are the pictures from today. Will post again tomorrow at midnight.










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  1. Cuteness overload!
    I am glad you guys have all had a wonderful time. This new year will be a nice chance for a positive change(s). You guys needed this trip! =) No worries.. Izz’ is good, actually eating. I’m not sure Dad’s cat is convinced so much. hehe! 😉 The babies here miss you just as much, but all is good. Sweeties I tell ya’! Enjoy this last leg!! ♡♡♡
    I love you guys! 😙

  2. You have taken some beautiful pictures, I like them all but there are three favorites… The one of Cadence with the chefs hat is priceless, Eli and his hat and big smile, and Lil with the gariffe bottle opener.

    This trip was a great idea, I am sure you all agree. The big plus was Mike, Lil and the kiddos being there with you.

    Be safe coming home.

    Love you all

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