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I have been at odds with my belief system for many years. I always thought we were being mislead by organized religion. I still feel that way though I do have more of a sense of Spirit guidance now than before. My heart tells me there is a Source greater than ourselves. A higher power if you will. I am led to this more each night when I dream. My dreams are peaceful, like I am being told things will be okay. If it was not for the comfort I have been given through my dreams and the knowing I get that we are not alone I would have lost all hope for healing from my loss.
I have been keeping a dream journal since Arthur left us. The more I write what I remember each morning, it seems I recall more of the dream details. They are becoming more vivid each night. Some make absolutely no sense whatsoever and some make more sense as the day goes on. There are a few details that seem to come very vibrantly to me in each dream. I highlight these to keep track. The constant is this Source. You can call it God or whatever you like. But I know it is all around us. This Source has control and loves to see us happy. Along with the Source, our loved ones that have returned to Spirit are watching over us at all times. They are sending messages to us all of the time. We just have to open our hearts, our minds and our eyes to them. I read recently that there are no coincidences. Everything happens for some reason. So when we continue to see things that we did not notice in the past, why not take them as signs?

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  1. I have the same understanding spiritually. I am torn though however on the coincidences. To a certain degree, yes. To a certain degree, no. Like when you buy a new car. You suddenly notice all the other blue Toyotas on the road. That is coincidence. 😉

  2. Great post Lann, you said so much in two very short paragraphs . I believe that if we are honest with ourselves we all have at least moments of which we question what we believe.

    I have read this post a number of times and each time, I get something new from it. I wish I could find the words to express how much this post has touched me. You have said it all !

    Love You

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