Day two 😀

I officially love this place! Antique places are everywhere! We are thinking about coming back this summer.. A lot of things are closed for the winter. I have never seen so many Putt Putt golf courses and go cart tracks in one place! Our Arthur is always in our thoughts but I must say I have had a wonderful couple of days. I am sure he is watching and smiling right along with us.. Actually probably laughing his ass off at times.. I have slipped several times on the ice this trip. And the places he could be skating are to many to count! 😃 The pirate references have been many for those of you keeping up with the signs.








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  1. I see Lil found Holly her bottle holding Giraffe. Ha!
    Wow! Another thing that is Pirate themed. Looks like everything is going great. Have fun. Be safe! Xo

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