Woohoo! Almost here…

Tomorrow is the big day. We hit the road for our Holiday Vacation! Although this will be a sad reminder of Christmas’ past, I am looking forward to spending time with Our daughter and her family. It will be a great adventure. I have no doubt that Arthur will be with us every leg of this journey. I will be posting everyday to the Traveling skateboard page so stayed tuned….. Love you all and want to thank you all for your love and support. I will be noting the special signs of Arthurs presence as well.. There have been several the last few days so I think he is as excited about the trip as we are.. 😊
Please feel free to comment on anything you like. Just say hi, tell us about your loved ones that have passed and how you remember them during the Holidays. If this is your first Holiday with out them, take a deep breath and smile because they are still with you in spirit!

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  1. Finally, I know you are all excited to get on the road and start this new Journey. Give Lil Mike and the kiddos hugs and kisses for Papaw and Nanny.

    Love you all very much, be very careful and have bunches of fun.

    Love you All

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