You never know who you might meet.

On my journey to healing, there have been many great women put in my path. I have been amazed how many moms I have come in contact with since Arthur left us. They each have been brought to me in ways that make us realize that we were meant to meet. Each have shown me some in site as to what is to come in my healing. We have all become members of the last club we ever wanted to join, but will forever be connected because of our loss. Strength runs deep in these women. To survive this type of pain is beyond what we believe we can handle but we do. Our families, our faith and other moms that get it are what sees us through.. Bless you all!!

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  1. I feel sure there will be many women/Mothers to cross your path Lann women that you can share with and they with you. Hopefully it will help each of you and give you some comfort and peace.

    I Love You

    Sweet Dreams

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