Meet me in my dreams Artie

I go to sleep every night hoping to see Arthur’s smiling face. So far in the almost 3 months since he left I have only had 2 times he has been in a dream. On both of these occasions it was just flashes of him. I keep thinking if I can spend time with him in my dreams, it might help ease my pain..
I talk to him constantly. I try and find peace through out each day. I attempt to go through a routine of sorts. My biggest concern is that I have seen many moms that are several years in to their loss and they feel the same as they did the day they lost their child. There has to be a way to ease this pain.
This blog has helped me so much, knowing others share my story is very comforting. Speaking with others that really get how it feels to endure this agony helps some. But what I need is to see his face, hear his laughter and tell him I love him.

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  1. There are so many people reaching out to you Lann and they are finding comfort in what you say. Know in your heart that you are helping others and in doing so, Arthur will reach out to you.

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