Good morning Artie

Well this weekend will be twelve weeks since you left us. The pain is still unbearable at times. I have managed to cope a little more each day. We stay busy and getting ready for our trip helps. Wolfgang and I just sit and cry sometimes but, I think that helps. It is still very hard for him. I hope that some day he can get beyond the pain. He feels less safe in this big world without you. We all do. You are missed by everyone that knew you. I am trying by best to reach as many kids and their families as I can with our story. Maybe we can stop this from happening to someone’s loved one. I hope with all my heart that you see and feel our love and pride for you not just our pain.. When my time comes and we are together again I want you to be proud of the life we lived after you left us.

I love you Artie!! Talk to you soon…

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