When I brought this girl home almost 4 years ago she was instantly Arthur’s dog. She loved him and he loved her. Since Artie left it has been really hard watching her grieve. I have seen dogs grieve over the loss of other pets but this is totally different. The first 6 weeks she didn’t eat hardly anything. No playing, no smile on her once always happy little face. She would actually sob at times. It was heartbreaking. How do I make her understand what was going on? I did not know what to do. I just knew I could not bare it if anything happened to her. We hand fed her, let her sleep in our room and gave her tons of extra attention. She is coming around, finally eating and playing some. Sometimes she sits outside in the road watching, I think still waiting on Arthur to come walking up from his run. I can see the sadness still in her eyes. Izzy is one of the family and her life, like the rest of us has forever changed.




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