Has your family lost a loved one? I am sure most of us have. Did your Holiday traditions change because of it? Did you find a way to include your loved one in the festivities? Do you feel their presence during this time? Every family and every member of each family deals with the loss differently. I hope our story will somehow reach you and yours this Holiday season. Our loved ones are in our hearts and will always be part of all of the moments we have in our lives. They smile down at us and are at peace knowing we live on and honor them with a full and happy life. It is not disrespectful to go about living. We are not forgetting those that have gone before us. Enjoy life more because we have learned how precious life truly is.

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  1. We always remember Donny’s Dad. We move his picture from our night stand out into the living room. We try to light a special candle for him. It has almost been 7 years. This year has been different. For the better part of it we have not felt his presence. We shall see what happens around Christmas.

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