Ahhh Monday!!

I like Mondays. Yes I know, only person on the planet. Someday maybe weekends won’t suck so much but for now I live for Mondays. Today our weather is glorious! I use that word a lot lately. Even through my pain I am aware of all I have to be grateful for. Thanksgiving is just a few days away and it’s all about blessings right? Well here are mine.

I am grateful for my parents. Through all of my growing up issues they stood by me no matter what. And by growing up I mean like until I was 40… šŸ˜Š

My husband, my best friend, the man that keeps me going.. I would not have the strength to have gone through the things that have been thrown at us over the years without him. And there has been a lot!! šŸ˜˜

My daughter Lilly. I am so proud of the woman she has become. Her family is one of the greatest joys in our lives! ā˜€ļø

Michael Stabler, the best son-in-law any parent could ask for. He has always been there for us and the way he takes care of our daughter and grand babies is beyond measure.

Shane, my oldest son and first born. It has been an honor to raise that kid. His daughters are lucky little girls to have him as a dad.

Our youngest son Wolfgang has been a source of joy since the moment he arrived into this world. Even sick he was always smiling and laughing. His heart is bigger than most people I have known in my life.

Our family is so blessed to have Jade as a part of it. She came into our lives as Wolfie’s girlfriend and quickly became another daughter to us. Her laughter and smile brighten our days.

My dear friends, you know who you are, we could not have gotten through this time with out your love and support..

With Arthur leaving us, we all cope in our own ways. Even though there are days when the pain is still almost to much to bare, there is always something to make me smile. This morning it was roses and an amazing sunrise.

Have a blessed and spirit filled day! šŸŒž šŸŒ¹ šŸŒø

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  1. You have given Thanksgiving the respect it deserves a new meaning that I hope all will read. It is a time to count our blessings and this family has many.

    Raising you was a joy not a chore. We are thankful for all you have given us, your love most of all and our beautiful Grand Children of which we love with all our hearts, Thank you for that.

    You have given us more than we could ever have hoped for Lann, Because of you our home was with out a doubt a place of laughter and fun and maybe a few hair pulling days,(smiles) but days we look back on with love and pride. As Dad and I read this we laughted and yes we shared a tear or too also. We thought of the times we went to Daisey Land, the Cave on the way to Washington, the things you and Dad did while I worked at night. So many things that put smiles on our faces. It would take a book to mention them all.

    We have watched you and Kurt raise your children and admire you both. You have done a wonderful job as Parents. We are very proud of you Lann and thank you for bring Kurt into our lives we are blessed to have him as our Son-Inlaw and of course we are very proud of him.

    Our hearts are full of love


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