You may be right, I may be crazy!!

I will be damned if this will destroy me! We will continue life as best we can. We will honor Arthur and all those that are on the other side until we are standing in the glorious light with them. I know they hear us when we think of them. In my crazy grieving mother moments I speak to Arthur as if he is in the room. I believe with all my heart he has spoken back to me on one occasion. Just a brief acknowledgment to let me know he is still around.
The peace I have at times can only be coming from him through the Spirit. Any of you that know me will think my referencing anything Spiritual is a sure sign I’ve gone off my rocker! I promise you I have not. This is a gift Arthur has left me with.. There have been a few signs I believe are from Artie.
When he left, talking about the situation was hard to say the least. So in order to make it seem less “horrible” I started calling what happened “Arthur’s Shenanigans”. When Lilly was working on our itinerary, she ran across an RV park called Shenanigans.. Guess where we are staying?
There have been other things come about that I will share as time goes by. You may think I’m crazy, and that’s okay. I might very well be, but it gives me peace that at times pauses the agony. I will take that anytime I can get it.

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  1. I think I have my post mixed up but will leave one here as I thought thats what I was doing.

    No you are not crazy far from it. If you find peace in talking with Artie thats great and when he responds back thats even better. The people that make comments about things of which they know nothing about are the ones who know nothing about reality.

    Love you all very much.

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