With a song in my heart

As we get closer to the close of this year I am pondering many things. I would imagine most would assume that seeing this year pass is something I welcome. In part this would be truth. On the other hand, this year has brought me many joys. The look on Artie’s face when I gave him his Bob Marley Rastafarian headphones, the twinkle in his eye when he spoke of his first crush. Knowing Wolfgang’s heart is healthy beyond all expectations. Becoming part of Amtgard and gaining the friendships and family we now have within the organization. Watching our boy shine in his role as Pirate Warrior and shield brother. Some of the happiest days for him. Feeling my heart swell with pride for him. Wolfgang finding his first love in Jade and her becoming a part of our family immediately. Having conversations with our grand babies, a relationship with our daughter that I cherish always. Finding this strength that I would never had know I had within myself. Realizing the things that make us who we are are not items we can purchase, but rather the people, the joys we are blessed with and the songs in our hearts that make this journey worth it. So, as we come to another year end, a year with agonizing loss, as we enter into what would have been Arthurs fifteenth year, we cannot ignore the joy and the love that we also have been blessed with.

Thank you for the joy Arthur and making me see all the wonder in life with new eyes! I love you always.. Talk to you soon..

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