Found this in a book..

Lie down here beside me.,
Rest your weary head.
Do not cry out in mourning,
For I am really not dead.
I always step beside you,
When my name you call.
I’m here to dry your tears,
I will not let you fall.
I dance in every raindrop,
I ride upon the wind.
I whisper softly in your mind,
For I am there within.
Do not cry out in mourning,
My spirit lives forever .
It’s only in your mind,
That you think you’ll see me never.
Just call my name and I am there,
I step right by your side.
And when you want to feel me close,
Your wish I do abide.
It’s subtle, this my energy,
Quite difficult to hear.
But when you feel a shiver slight,
Just know that I am here.

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