Contentment and Peace

What do we each bring to this life? Are we doing what it is we are meant to do? Think for a moment, are you truly content? Not materialistically, but with your self. Do you sleep well, with a clean conscience? We go through our lives accepting things the ways they are. Thinking maybe it’s the best we can do for ourselves. You may even believe that you do not deserve a better life. We are meant to be happy and fulfilled. We are supposed to know all of the love and joy that our Creator put into creating us. Whatever it is that you dream of, whatever your heart seeks, find it, grab it and hold on tight. Share the joy with others so each person you come in contact with sees the possibility and strives to do the same. Move forward from the darkest places and bask in light we were created from.


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  1. You never cease to amaze me Milann. Everytime I read your post it seems to be another lesson for all of us. Even in your time of pain you
    take time to think about others. You are an exceptional person.

    Love you

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