Talking to my kid..

Hey Artie,

I am sure you are glad your not having to deal with this weather huh? I know how much you hate the rain. It being cold on top of that would not sit well with you. The only thing you are missing is the chili I made.
Well, we made the reservations for Christmas. We will clocking some miles for sure. It is not going to be our usual holiday, but maybe the start of a family tradition. We will miss you, but it will be good for us to get away. I know you will be with each of us in spirit.
We will be taking Izzy and Pearl with us. Leaving them would just not feel right and I think they would not do well being away from us that long. I think Izzy finally realizes you are not coming back. She doesn’t watch the back gate like she used to. I worry if we left her she would think we weren’t coming back and she would not survive that. So, we are doing a dog friendly trip.
Mike and Lilly and the kids are going with us too. Part of me is pretty excited about it. You know how long I have wanted to take a trip like this. It should be interesting to say the least. I am going to take one of your skateboards with us. That way your board will travel with us and be in places I think you would like. If we run across parks, I will take pictures.
Okay baby, I love you and I will talk to you soon. Hope you are having a blast! We miss the hell out of you.


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