Holiday thoughts..

I had a tinge of Holiday cheer in my heart this morning. Not the kind where I can’t wait to shop or even decorate a tree and the house. Those things will never mean as much to me. I love the smell of Rosemary and it always reminds me of the holidays. What came to me as I was was harvesting my Rosemary from the garden was this. We spend a few weeks each year hustling around for the perfect gifts for our loved ones, friends and co-workers. We fight crowds, spend time with family we sometimes don’t care for and rush to get it all just perfect. All for 10 minutes Christmas morning. A few days later it is all but forgotten. Our Christmas won’t be that way this year or any year after for that matter. Ours will be about family. Spending time together, laughing, eating and I am sure crying together. We will cry for our loss but remember the greatest gift any of us were ever given. Having Arthur in our lives for 14 Christmases makes us the luckiest family ever.. Please hold dear the people that mean the most to you. A lot of people will say it is all about Jesus and his love for us and that’s fine. For me it is about joy, love, family and enjoying the time with each other while we have it. Which I suppose is the same thing really…


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  1. You are so right Lann, we don’t stop and think about this. I have to smile when I think how much we can learn from our Children if only we would listen with an open ear.

    We love you

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