Arturo Tuscanini

Hey babe,
I like sending these messages to you occasionally just to let you know how things are going. Of course I know you can see it all but I feel closer when I tell you myself. Today was a really good day. I woke up without the heaviness that has been around me since you left. I’m sure this is due to the events yesterday. Maybe this is truly the beginning of healing for me. Wolfgang seems to be holding up well. He still has days when you can still see the sadness in his eyes. We both go to therapy still once a week. Daddy stays busy with work so I am not sure he has had much time to begin the healing process. I am hoping the time off during the holidays will help. Izzy is doing better most days. Like all of us there are days when she just isn’t as happy as normal. At least she is eating better. Jade is living with us, and it is great having her. She has quickly become part of our family. I am so grateful for her as I believe Wolfgang has done better because she is here. So, we are surviving and moving forward. We miss you everyday… I love you baby and I will see you in my dreams!

Love, Mom.

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