On a positive note..

I have always considered myself pretty fortunate. There have always been people in my life that love me. My health has been always good. There has been a roof over my head and food on my table always. For the last 16 years I have had an amazing man in my life and we have had the joy of spending those years with our 4 children. It has not been easy. We have been dealt lots of crap. But nothing like the loss of our Artie. This is something we never saw coming and I would never have thought I could possibly survive.

When Wolfgang was born and was so sick, I remember thinking I would never be able to handle losing him. I willed him to heal because I just would not accept anything less. Our family would not have been complete without him. How could we possibly go on if we lost that sweet baby?

Little did I know the Creator already had plans to take Arthur so early. He was with us long enough to see his baby brother through the hardest times in his illness. He watched his sister marry the love of her life, held his nieces and nephew. He touch more people than I think we will ever know with his love and kind heart. So, do I still feel fortunate? I am more fortunate to have had that amazing human in my life for the short time I did than to never had know his warmth, felt his hug or heard the words ” I love you mom” on his lips.

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