Some days just suck!

I miss that boy so much. I woke up this morning and for a second I forgot. Forgot that my life is forever changed. Forgot that my heart will always ache.  Forgot that a light has gone from this world and the world is worse
off for it. 


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  1. I pray you don’t mind if I make a commit. You and your family are going though a lot. But if this had happened to someone you and Arthur knew. Sit down and have a talk with him and ask him how would he try to help that family. Ask him how would he try to help the mom who is lost and the father who is sad and the brother who is lost by the whole thing because not only has he lost his brother but he has really lost his whole family mostly his mom. How would Arthur react and what would he want to do to help. I didn’t know him except for your post but he sounds like a young man who had a concern for other people and his friends. reach out to those friends and become one of those boys mentor because I am guessing one of them is really lost and hurting also and he most likely will not speak about it because that’s what boys do. You can heal in time or sooner if you chose to help someone heal that no one is seeing right now. Sometimes when things like this happen down the road it happens to one of the friends that people forgot about or that never said a word. You are a strong person and down the road I see you as a warrior fighting for people that went though the things Arthur did and couldn’t speak out about it. When you are ready go to school and start a help thing in the name of Arthur because you will some day save someone else’s life and Arthur would be proud of that.

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