Arthur’s energy

I was thinking today, while out in the garden, what is it I miss the most about Artie not being here. There are so many things, he was so full of life and filled our lives with so much joy. Thinking on it all day I would have to say I miss his energy most. Sure I miss his hugs, his amazing illuminating smile, his infectious laughter, I even miss getting on to him about leaving a mess every where he went. But his energy was so prominent in my life. From the moment that boy was born his energy was unmistakable. Arthur was my joy and my hope for everything the moment I held him for the first time. When I am in the garden, when there is laughter in the house, when I throw the ball for Izzy, his energy is here. Surrounding us with love and the knowledge that he will always be here to watch over us and protect us..

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