Daily struggles.

One of the things I fight with everyday is my anger. Sometimes it is directed at no one in particular, others days it is anyone that gets in my way.. Today it was all directly aimed at Arthur. Of all of my loved ones, I try the hardest to control my anger toward him. If by some chance he hears me, I do not want them to be angry words. Today he got lots of angry words. I felt like he left me alone today. Not that I am alone, I have lots of people around me that I know love and care for me. But it has always been such the routine to get things done with Artie by my side that I get lonely doing them on my own. There are so many things that come up that would be so much easier if he were here. Did he not realize how his leaving was going to change things? Did he at all consider the fact that I cannot do some things without him? Ughhh! Days like this I just want to scream! But instead I broke down in front of a total stranger, sobbing like a child.. Therapy comes in odd forms. She was very kind and gave me a hug.. I walked away with a smile to the heavens for the reminder that there are still loving caring people out there..

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  1. Even stranger is the stranger god put in your path today is my son’s mother in law and a friend of mine. I love you so much and miss Arthur also baby.

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