Bittersweet Day

Today we are cleaning out Artie’s room.. It has been hard but at the same time full of great memories and even some laughter. The boy definitely loved clothes! He had more clothes than most teen girls. The variety is what is so funny. Hippy clothes, pirate clothes, dressy stuff, preppy stuff and even some left overs of his dad’s from the early 90’s! His leather coat he loved so much will stay in the closet for now along with his pirate boots. He was so very proud of those boots.. We have a new member of the family living with us now. Jade, Wolfie’s girlfriend will be using Arthur’s room. I am certain he would approve. He loved her as much as the rest of us. I think he knew from the beginning how good she would be for Wolfie. So as we move to this next chapter of life I know Arthur is watching and smiling that we are still the awesome, close family we have always been.. With or without his clothes.. : )

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