Counting my blessings.

I have been thinking a lot about our life before Artie left us. We have been so blessed and fortunate to have been a homeschooling family. In the past several years we have traveled, met amazing people and spent so much time with the boys. Had they been in a brick and mortar school, we would not have these amazing memories. I can say Arthur and I had a great relationship. We were friends as well as mom and son, I knew him, really knew him. This may not have been the case otherwise. I am comforted when I think that he did not spend 8 hours or more a day away from us. Wolfgang would have had to go back to school soon after this horrific event had he been in the system. That would have been so awful for him. To have to rush his grief would not in my opinion have been healthy at all. So I am grateful to my husband more at this time than ever for working like he has to be sure I could always stay home with the kids. I still grieve for the loss and will forever but am truly blessed to still have the life I do.

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