Thank God It’s Monday..

Weekends are the worst for me. Our weekends have always been filled with activity. Either here at home doing yard work, working on the house or just hanging out. If not at home, we were out and about doing something. Especially Sunday’s. They were almost always spent at the park with our Amtgard group. Arthur looked forward to this all week. It is still hard for me to go. Arthur should be there. I found myself crying the majority of the day yesterday. Forty minutes of that was sitting in the parking lot at Target. I am not sure I will ever look forward to weekends again.

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  1. No your weekends are NEVER going to be the same. In time you, Kurt and Wolfgang will create a new normal. My heart hurts for your family every moment of everyday. You have to grieve in order to one day heal. No parent should have to lose a child so you have been dealt a shitty hand. Remember, arthur is with you every moment. He is what helps you drag yourself out of bed everyday and put one foot in front of another. One day you will be able to smile and laugh. I love you Milann. I did the moment we met and I am always here and I will be calling to help you cry, talk, or whatever you need.

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